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It's small foxes,
all the way down.

... a tiny, tiny, high-energy ECS!

fennecs Entity-Component Systemfennecs Entity-Component System
Discord: ⤜outfox⤏DownloadsGitHub top languageLicense: MIT

Ok, what the fox? Another ECS?!

Neofox: facepalm We know... oh, we know.

In a tiny nutshell, fennecs is an archetype-based 🔗Entity-Component System (Wikipedia). ECS is an architecture and Design Pattern most commonly used in Game Development and Simulation Software. Our cheeky little library lives up to its name by all at once being small, clever, quick, and full of trash-tier puns!

fennecs is released under the MIT License. Neofox is released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.