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"using fennecs;""using fennecs;"

Neofox: knives THE COOKBOOK - Tutorials and Tricks

Can't wait? Try fennecs for yourself as you flip through the courses of our Cookbook.

var stream = world.Stream<Vector3>();

    uniform: Time.Delta, 
    action: (float dt, ref Vector3 velocity) => 
        velocity.Y -= 9.81f * dt;
var stream = world.Stream<Vector3>();

stream.For(Time.Delta, (float dt, ref Vector3 velocity) => {
      velocity.Y -= 9.81f * dt;
var simd = world.Query<Vector3>().SIMD();
// this is still under hot & messy development right now ๐Ÿ˜…
      destination: Comp<Vector3>.Plain,
      operand: Comp<Vector3>.Plain, // can be same as destination!
      uniform: Time.Delta * -9.81f * Vector3.UnitZ

Neofox: book THE DOCUMENTATION - (you're in it now!)

All the deets & don'ts and core facets of the fennecs API. Use the navigation menu on the left!

Where to begin? โ€‹

๐Ÿ‘‰ Concepts - an overview of fennecs (and ECS in general) โ€‹

The nuget package also has extensive XMLdoc coverage to keep you informed while you code and explore in your IDE of choice. (neovim obviously, but also Rider or VSCode, any IDE, really)

Neofox: vr THE EXAMPLES - Smol, Shiny Demos

The Demos category has concrete examples for a growing list of renderers and game engines! Something useful and something pretty to look at at the same time? It cannot be possible, and yet!

Neofox: pat_floof THE REST

The Misc section contains our Glossary of terms and a few heartfelt words of thanks., and anything else that didn't fit elsewhere. Like our Roadmap and Changelog!

fennecs is released under the MIT License. Neofox is released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.