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Revving up a Sleeper

Neofox: floof_mug MMMH, REAL CODE

This RUNS! Playful premises aside, this is a functioning showcase of fennecs principles.

Get comfy, grab a cup of Java CoffeeScript Visual J# whatever, and get your paws dirty playing around in the code! It's good fun!

All .csproj and .cs files are over here on Github!


Let's build a sleeper drift racing championship car out of nothing but Entities and Components! A smooth ride into to fennecs where you won't spill your tofu yet!


// InitialD.cs (type declarations at bottom of file)

using fennecs;

if (!Console.IsOutputRedirected) Console.Clear();
Console.WriteLine("Shusai: fuji hara tofu ten");

var world = new World();

// The Driver
var takumi = new Driver("Takumi Fujiwara");

// The Eight-Six
var ae86 = world.Spawn()
    .Add<Model>("Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86")
    .Add(takumi) // Add<Driver> reference type component
    .Add(new Engine // Add<Engine> value type component
        Horsepower = 130, Torque = 149,

Console.WriteLine($"Look, {takumi} is driving his dad's\n{ae86}");

// All cars in the race.
var racers =
    world.Query<Driver, Model, Identity>() // "Stream Types", data to process
        .Has<Car>() // additional Filter Expression(s) to match in the Query 
        .Not<Vroom>() // additional Filter Expression(s) to exclude

Console.WriteLine($"Cars on the street: {racers.Count}");

// Drivers, get ready! (mutative per-entity operation on Query)
racers.For((ref Driver driver, ref Model name, ref Identity carIdentity) =>
    Console.WriteLine($"{driver}'s {name} is ready to race!");

// Adding component conditionally outside a Query runner
if (ae86.Has<Ready>()) ae86.Add<Steady>();

// Or do bulk operations on the Query!

Console.WriteLine("Got 60 seconds to spare?");

#region Components
// "tags", size-less components we use to mark & classify entities
internal struct Car;

internal struct Ready;

internal struct Steady;

internal struct Vroom;

// data component
internal struct Engine
    public float Horsepower;
    public float Torque;

// data component wrapping another type, here: a string
internal readonly struct Model(string value)
    public static implicit operator Model(string value) => new(value);
    public override string ToString() => value;

// a class component, here also wrapping a string
internal class Driver(string name)
    public void ReportForRace() => Console.WriteLine($"{name}: I'm Ready!");
    public override string ToString() => name;
Shusai: fuji hara tofu ten
Look, Takumi Fujiwara is driving his dad's
E-00000001:00001 <fennecs.Identity>
Cars on the street: 1
Takumi Fujiwara: I'm Ready!
Takumi Fujiwara's Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 is ready to race!
Got 60 seconds to spare?

fennecs is released under the MIT License. Neofox is released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.