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Release Notes

Here, there be dragons more foxes. What did you expect?


fennecs will remain in Beta until version 1.0.0, which is expected in Q4 2024. Breaking API changes as well as bugs are likely to occur without warning in these beta builds. You are nonetheless encouraged to try fennecs out, play around and experiment with the package freely; our resident foxes aim to keep it it as useful and stable as possible! Please report issues and feedback on the GitHub Issues board.

Upcoming Changes


  • Match.Object becomes internal / deprecated, use Link.Any instead.
  • Stream (a Stream View without any type parameters) will be added (so filtering without a component list feels less awkward)
  • Has(params Comp[]) will be added to QueryBuilders to check for multiple components at once. (as well as Any(params Comp[])and Not(params Comp[])). These will be much more performant and low-allocation starting with .NET 9.0, and will use Span<Comp> in the future.
  • Breaking for HasVirtual, GetVirtual, adding Match expression support. (breaking means that the old methods will currently match Any, but the new versions will match Plain by default) ...

Version 0.5.10-beta

  • Added bool Entity.HasVirtual(object) extension method to fennecs.reflection
  • Fixed Issue #17 Entities that have self-referencing relations on themselves can now be despawned and bulk-despawned without crashing / potentially undefined behaviour.
  • Queries and Streams now use a SortedSet of Archetypes, which speeds up removals of Archetypes when they get Disposed from the World. (Experimental - this may get changed to a HashSet in the future)

Version 0.5.9-beta

  • Added new namespace for some use cases using reflection: fennecs.reflection
  • Added Extension methods for Entity:
namespace fennecs.reflection;

/// <summary>
/// Extension Methods that use some sort of Reflection under the hood.
/// </summary>
/// <summary>
/// These are generally against fennecs design principles, but they do have their use cases, for instance when you have to work with contravariant and covariant component types, such as Lists.
/// </summary>
public static class ReflectionExtensions
    /// <summary>
    /// Experimental method to add a specific Component identified via RTTI 
    /// (dynamically retrieved at runtime).
    /// This helps with contravariant and covariant component types, such as Lists.
    /// Only this call uses the dynamic logic, the component itself is as any normal 
    /// Component type.
    /// </summary>
    /// <remarks>
    /// This will attempt to create a component type of exactly the object's 
    /// <see cref="object.GetType"/> returned <c>System.Type</c>.
    /// Note that <c>QueryBuilders</c> will need to use the specific type to 
    /// match the Component! (e.g. <c>Query<List<int>></c>)
    /// </remarks>
    public static Entity AddVirtual(this Entity entity, object value, Match match = default);

    /// <summary>
    /// Returns all Components on the Entity that are 
    /// <see cref="Type.IsAssignableTo"/> to the Type Parameter <c>T</c>,
    /// statically cast to this specific type.
    /// </summary>
    /// <remarks>
    /// The array is empty if there are no matching components.
    /// </remarks>
    public static T[] GetVirtual<T>(this Entity entity);

Version 0.5.8-beta

  • Component factory class has most of its members deprecated. It is now a storage for a Boxed Component. (updated documentation)
  • Comp<T> is a new factory class for Component Expressions. (updated documentation)
  • get (read) a specific component using entity.Get<T>(Match match), e.g. entity.Get<MyLinkType>(Link.Any) to get all the Links


var thanosStream = population.Stream<Alive>() with
    Subset = [Component.PlainComponent<Unlucky>()],    
    Exclude = [Component.PlainComponent<Lucky>()],
var thanosStream = population.Stream<Alive>() with
    Subset = [Comp<Unlucky>.Plain],    
    Exclude = [Comp<Lucky>.Plain],

Version 0.5.7-beta

  • bugfix - Stream Filters (Subset/Exclude) now affect the Count property of the Stream.
  • bugfix - Stream<>.Despawn respects current filters instead of despawning the entire underyling Query
  • reinstated the Thanos appetizer's functionality! OH SNAP!

Version 0.5.6-beta

  • Link.Any is a Match Target that can be used to match any Link target in a Query. It's value-identical to Match.Object, but makes the code more readable and reads in line with Entity.Any.
  • lots of documentation updates and fixes

Version 0.5.5-beta

  • /www/misc/ added 🦊
  • IBatch renamed to IBatchBegin, since it is not the "Batch" itself, just the ability to create (begin) batches.
  • IBatchBegin now has all the overloads with AddConflict and RemoveConflict parameters formerly only available in Query, and thus are now available in Stream<>.
public interface IBatchBegin
    public Batch Batch(Batch.AddConflict add, Batch.RemoveConflict remove);
    public Batch Batch();   
    public Batch Batch(Batch.AddConflict add);
    public Batch Batch(Batch.RemoveConflict remove);    
  • submission must still be done by calling Batch.Submit(), which is not on this Interface.
  • World.GCBehaviour is now init only.

Upgrade Steps

  • You no longer need to call Stream<>.Query.Batch(...), just use Stream<>.Batch(...) to access the overloads with AddConflict and RemoveConflict parameters.

Breaking Changes

  • Entity.Ref<C> no longer automatically adds the component to the Entity if it does not exist. The syntax was too muddled, and certain degenerate types, such as string, could not match any overloads and could no longer be used with Ref<C>.

New Features

  • Stream<> can be cloned with Subset and Exclude filters:
 var filtered = myStream with 
        Subset = [Component.PlainComponent<ComponentA>()], 
        Exclude = [Component.AnyAny<ComponentB>(), Component.SpecificEntity<ComponentC>(notYou)] 
  • a new Component helper class exists to express strictly typed Match expressions, for these and other filters
public readonly record struct Component
    public static Component AnyAny<T>();
    public static Component AnyRelation<T>();
    public static Component AnyEntity<T>();
    public static Component AnyObject<T>();
    public static Component PlainComponent<T>();
    public static Component SpecificEntity<T>(Entity target);
    public static Component SpecificLink<T>(T target) where T : class;

Performance Improvements

  • Several accidental allocation leaks plugged.

Other Changes

  • Temporary Restriction: Cannot run Jobs on Queries with Wildcards. (an exception will be thrown)
  • default(Match) is Match.Plain, not Match.Any (otherwise it would be annoying to write Queries/Streams and run Jobs on them)

Known Issues

  • Entity-Entity Relations with an Entity that resides in the same Archetype (i.e. the relation is PART of the Archetype's signature) crashes when bulk Despawning entities.
  • Entity-Entity Relations with an Entity itself are a special case of the above, that can additionally face crash problems when despawning the entity itself.
  • Streams can no longer be warmed up (Stream.Warmup()) (like queries used to - this is an oversight). This results in one or several one-time 40 byte allocations to show up in BenchmarkDotNet output.

Version 0.5.4-beta

  • Stream<> is a lightweight View that can be created for any Query, and is what wraps zip_view-like enumeration and iteration over the Query (especiall For, Job, and Raw)
  • Stream<...> is IEnumerable<ValueTuple<Entity, ...>>, which is great for Unit Testing and simple, read-only enumeration of Queries.
  • Stream<C1, C2, ...> expose all the runner functions from Stream<C1, C2> and Stream<C1>.
  • Entity.Ref<C> creates the component if it is not present on an entity.

Breaking Changes

  • Query does no longer expose Runners; and no longer has intrinsic type parameters. Instead, Stream<> is used to access the same functionality.
  • Query enumerates ONLY to Entities, and no longer has an IEnumerator of component types.

Upgrade Steps

  • instead of World.Query<...>().Compile(), you can use the shorthand World.Query<...>().Stream() or World.Stream<...>() to get a Stream<> instance to use.

Known Issues

  • the old StreamFilters on Queries have not been correctly ported to the Stream<> API, and won't wok.
  • Entity.Ref<C> in these versions is impossible to invoke with certain type parameters.

Legacy Releases

Version 0.5.3-beta

Version 0.5.2-beta

Version 0.5.0-beta

Version 0.4.6-beta

Version 0.4.5-beta

Version 0.4.2-beta

Version 0.4.0-beta

Version 0.3.5-beta

Version 0.2.0-beta

Version 0.1.1-beta

Version 0.1.0-beta

Version 0.0.3-pre

Version 0.0.1-pre

fennecs is released under the MIT License. Neofox is released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.