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a stylized fennec fox looking at an endless horizon

The future of fennecs

Here's a list of planned and speculative features coming in the future.

Feedback and questions are always appreciated, please submit them on GitHub / Discord:


Pull Requests especially welcome (please open an issue first to discuss the feature or bugfix you're planning to work on so your work gets the appreciation and attention it deserves).

Q4 2024

1.0.0 Stable Release
  • 🎉 End of Beta
  • (maybe) Code-Signed NuGet Package
  • Documentation "feature complete" (every API feature explained)
  • Short-Term Roadmap (until 1.5.0)
  • Long-Term Roadmap (for 2.0.0)
0.8.0+ Demos & Publicity (🦊help wanted)
  • 3rd party demos and examples
  • 3rd party exposition & tutorials (e.g. YouTube, blog posts)
  • 1st party exposition (e.g. YouTube shorts)
  • Web support
    • Godot (?) (depends on Godot 4.4+)
    • others
  • each Demo runs on at least two of these engines, and each engine has at least two demos:
    • Godot
    • Stride
    • Flax
    • MonoGame
    • Unigine
    • Web? (WebGL, WebAssembly)
    • (more? others?)
0.7.0+ Benchmark Suite (🦊help wanted)
  • internal set of benchmarks to ensure performance and memory usage are in line with expectations, and to prove good practices
  • comparisons of fennecs with some other ECS libraries, likely as extended PR to Doraku's Ecs.CSharp.Benchmark

Q3 2024

0.6.0+ Customizable Query & Archetype Garbage Collection

A set of specific or user-defined Interfaces that Component Types can "implement" to allow for nouanced garbage collection strategies.

Concepts & Ideas

  • Ephemeral Interface for Components whose Archetypes should compact after each structural change.
  • Rare Interface for Components that are only very rarely added, allowing a more conservative memory allocation strategy (instead of doubling).
  • World.SetGarbageCollectionStrategy<I> to set the strategy for a given Interface.
0.6.0+ Arithmetic SIMD Methods

A set of specific methods to allow for SIMD-accelerated arithmetic operations on Component data.

0.5.0+ Dog Fooding Phase + Enhanced Beta
  • systematic internal and external beta testing
  • using the library in a real-world project
  • additional 1st party demos
  • iteration on examples and tutorials
  • strict examination of API surface for usability, elegance, and consistency
  • consulting with subject matter experts for feedback

Q2 2024

0.1.x ... 0.4.x Fundamental Beta & Feedback Phase
  • feedback acquisition & experimentation
  • API stabilization
  • submission to various game dev communities for feedback
  • documentation and tutorials
  • performance testing and optimization
  • 3rd party benchmarking (e.g. Doraku's Ecs.CSharp.Benchmark)

Q1 2024

0.1.0 Prerelease and First Beta


fennecs is released under the MIT License. Neofox is released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.